The Fundación Jacobea starts out with the aim of promoting and protecting the pilgrimage routes, in particular of the Ways of Santiago, by generating projects and activities that contribute to the improvement of its social and cultural environment.

The institution was also created with the intention of defending and promoting the values ​​and philosophy inherent in pilgrimages throughout history, but one which is also firmly linked to the reality of the 21st century, with all its international and cultural innovations.


The Fundación Jacobea was founded with the aim of promoting the cultural, artistic and historical heritage, the defense of the environment and the promotion of local development – social and economic – within the framework of the Pilgrim Ways, with special emphasis on the Jacobean Routes and their inclusion within the world of professional tourism.

Valores Fundación Jacobea


Attention to the cultural heritage of the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage itineraries, both material and immaterial, and support for new artistic talents, within the framework of these itineraries.

The promotion and management of services and structures for the reception and care of  pilgrims and visitors to the Ways of Santiago, while trying to respect the principles of universal accessibility.

The promotion of applied ICTs and directed towards sustainable development.

The training of volunteers and salaried persons involved in the reception, maintenance and tourist-cultural development of the pilgrimage routes.

The promotion and development of the values ​​of the pilgrimage, i.e. perseverance, solidarity, sustained effort, the desire to excel, and the capacity to make rational decisions. To this must also be added the exchange of experiences between  pilgrims and those involved in their reception and care.

The improvement of the quality of life of people, especially children and youth, using the know-how of the Foundation and its collaborators.