We are continuing to go through the books that make up the Codex Calixtinus… Book II occupies 16 folios (f. 139v – 155v) of the codex, being the second smallest of those that compose it. After the extensive book I, dedicated to the liturgy and festivities of Santiago, Book II addresses another central topic for a pilgrimage sanctuary: the miracles attributed to the Saint.

It is a collection of 22 miracles that Saint James the Great would have performed in various regions of Europe, some performed at sea for pilgrims heading to or returning from other pilgrimage centers.

Due to its theme, it is close to the other collections of miracles compiled throughout the 11th and 12th centuries, among which we highlight the closest one of the miracles of Santa Fe de Conques. It constitutes, therefore, the origin of the corpus of miracles of Santiago that will be disseminated over the centuries in various collections – such as the famous one of the Dominican Santiago de la Vorágine – and, above all, through the Jacobean iconography represented in paintings. , stained glass windows and miniatures present in churches, museums and collections around the world.

Before beginning to narrate the miracles, the book includes a short prologue attributed to Pope Calixtus II and an index. Along with the aforementioned Pope Calixtus II, to whom the writing of most of the miracles is attributed, other authors are also cited such as: Anselm of Canterbury, the Venerable Bede and a certain teacher, Hubert. We find it interesting to include here the index of miracles, many of which can be easily recognized by the brief description that appears in their title. The miracles are the following:

Chapter I. Of the twenty men whom the Apostle freed from the captivity of the Moabites

Chapter II. Of the man whose mention of a sin was erased by divine disposition on the altar of Santiago

Chapter III. Of the child whom the Apostle raised from the dead in the Montes de Oca

Chapter IV. Of the thirty Lorraineans and the dead man whom the Apostle carried in one night from the ports of Cize to his monastery

Chapter V. Of the hanged pilgrim whom Santiago saved from death, although he was hanging on the scaffold for thirty-six days

Chapter VI. Of the Poitevinus to whom the Apostle gave an angel in the guise of a donkey as help

Chapter VII. Of the Frisian sailor, whom the Apostle, dressed in his helmet and shield, pulled out of the depths of the sea

Chapter VIII. Of the bishop who, saved from the danger of the sea, composed a response to Santiago

Chapter IX. Of the soldier of Tabaria on whom the Apostle bestowed the power to defeat the Turks and freed him from illness and protected from the danger of the sea

Chapter X. Of the pilgrim who fell into the sea whom the Apostle carried to the port holding him by the neck for three days

Chapter XI. Of Bernard, whom the Apostle miraculously released from prison

Chapter XII. Of the knight whom the Apostle freed from an illness by the touch of a shell

Chapter XIII. Of the knight Dalmatius, to whom the Apostle rendered justice thanks to the pilgrim Raimberto

Chapter XIV. Of the businessman whom the Apostle freed from prison

Chapter XV. Of the knight whom Santiago saved in the war, when his companions were already dead or taken prisoner

Chapter XVI. Of the knight who, in the agony of death and oppressed by demons, freed the Apostle by means of the staff of a beggar and the bag of a young woman

Chapter XVII. Of the pilgrim who, for love of the Apostle, killed himself at the instigation of the devil, and who was brought back from death to life by Saint James, with the help of the holy mother of God

Chapter XVIII. Of the Count of San Gil, to whom the Apostle opened the iron doors of his oratory

Chapter XIX. Of Stephen, a Greek bishop, to whom James appeared and revealed unknown future things

Chapter XX. Of William, a captive knight, whom a count struck with his sword on his bare neck, without being able to wound him

Chapter XXI. Of the cripple, to whom the holy Apostle appeared in His basilica and immediately restored him to perfect health

Chapter XXII. Of the man who was sold thirteen times and freed thirteen times by the Apostle