We continue to review the monthly numbers of pilgrims. At the worst moment of Covid-19, with more restrictions and perimeter closures, the Camino continued to welcome some pilgrims. As many people point out in the pilgrimage forums: who knows what motives push some pilgrims to try to reach Santiago facing so many difficulties!

3 pilgrims collected the Compostela: 2 women and 1 man.

Their nationalities were: 1 Spanish, 1 French and 1 Swiss.

The 2 pilgrims from France and Switzerland traveled the Portuguese Way from Lisbon, while the Spanish traveled the French Way in Galicia, from O Cebreiro.

There were no incidents and the pilgrims who arrived in Santiago did so following the hygiene and safety regulations and respecting the restrictions, such as the one that allows passage through cities that are closed without spending the night or eating in them. So, the pilgrims arrived at a closed Santiago and just collected their Compostela and visited the cathedral.

These are not good times for pilgrimage and we ask everyone to respect the rules at all times. We welcome those who respect them and do not put their health or that of others at risk.