This sinister year has ended: this leap year 2020 has not failed to correspond to its popular image. The atmosphere seems to be full of the desire to leave behind this time which has changed us globally and amidst sorrows, uncertainties and pessimism the old desire for happiness and prosperity for all is almost palpable.

May the year 2021, the expected Compostela Holy Year, bring all kinds of blessings to everyone and to our families. May the long-awaited vaccine against Covid-19 clarify our horizon and allow, among many other things, the normal life that we miss, the return to the Camino, the physical contact and the smiles in sight.

FEAACS Volunteer Hospitallers wishes all good people a Merry Christmas and a hopeful 2021.

Ana Barreda

Hospitaleros Voluntarios – Spanish Federation of Friends of the Camino de Santiago