Peace and good will: at the side of the road you can no longer hear the footsteps of pilgrims passing, but the wild flowers that bloom with love for spring, are a reminder of those steps that have changed the course of history, those same steps that will re-open paths of human solidarity.

And in the silence of these times of forced inertia, recovering strength to continue on the path of life (a life built as it is discovered to be on the Camino de Santiago: on the foundations of love, kindness, compassion, honesty … in short, with a great sense of belonging to the great family of Humanity), I feel and sing the symphony of life in the language of the Camino …

May you not lose sight of the yellow arrows that will show you the right direction to go in.

May you not see insuperable obstacles in the stones of the paths of life, but stimuli to advance.

May you be able to walk even in the darkness of the night following the faint trail of the stars.

May every day prepare you to receive the new journey as one more opportunity to grow in the unity of love.

May you not despair in moments of thirst for meaning while you waiting to find a source that satisfies your need.

May you see each pilgrim of the path not as a rival, but as a companion bearing the same load.

May you always be able at every moment of life’s journey to find reasons for gratitude.

And that, at the end of the path of life (which is a new birth), love embraces you eternally.

May you be happy, and make others happy, only then will you have reached the goal … to the fullness of Love.

Ultreia e Suseia (beyond and upwards). Buon Camino!



Paco Castro Miramontes.

Franciscan and pilgrim.

Sta. María to Real do Cebreiro.