With three hundred years of history, the current market of Santiago has become the most famous point of the city next to the cathedral. Decide to buy or not, whether you have a kitchen or not, the market visitor has numerous services that will allow you to enjoy your visit. To start you can enjoy a walk among the colors, smells and flavors of the best Galician products: meats, fish, seafood, fruits, vegetables, cheeses, flowers and handicrafts of all kinds.

And how can you resist such products when you do not have a kitchen where to cook them? As we have pointed out, not having a kitchen in your Santiago accommodation is not a problem, because for a small percentage of the purchase price the market bar offers the possibility of cooking the products that are purchased. The market also offers other alternatives for catering: from grocery stores to “chic” restaurants, which in all cases use fresh produce from the market stalls for their cuisine.

Among the options and services offered by the Santiago market, there are services such as home delivery of purchases or the possibility of ordering by phone or online, orders that can be made both to the central offices of the market and to the market. Direct way to each of the market traders.

Whether for ordering services by telephone or Internet or to help the buyer who is in their structures, the market also makes available to its customers the possibility of having the advice and help of a personal shopper.

In addition, there are many machines and stalls in their facilities that offer other services such as distribution of fresh milk of the day, various packaging and packaging services, as well as a slogan in which the purchase made up to 9:00 pm can be deposited.

For more details, you can visit the web page of the market: http://www.mercadodeabastosdesantiago.com/