My wishes for the Camino in 2021 are the same as my wishes for the whole of society. For once I think that in the next year what is good for the Camino will be good for people in general. If the spread of Covid-19, the main collective concern at the moment, begins to diminuish, leading to its eventual disappearanc, then  the benefits will be universal. And at that time, what I long for is a Jacobean route of which we are more aware than before the pandemic. Above all, its wonderful uniqueness. On the Camino we all take. But it doesn’t take everything. Many of us agree that it is a gigantic collective historical heritage that at the same time is extremely fragile. It was that sensitive perception  that caused it be reborn in the twentieth century, and that is what we should keep in mind in the immediate future, if we want it to continue being the surprising social, economic-promotional, spiritual and emotional resource that it is.

Happy holidays and good 2021.