In October 1987 he travelled often to Lugo, where he would cross paths with lean backpackers, who were making their weary way up to Lavacolla : these were the pilgrims of 1987. He learned the peregrinero cry, ultreia eia eia !, Up and up !, It was stimulating. He had lived for a year in Santiago and on the pilgrimage and among the pilgrims he discovered the cosmopolitan dimension that that small city, Compostela, lacks. Pilgrimage since 1988.

After 1987 he went on pilgrimage several times. In Galicia he has travelled all the routes, but he has also travelled the Portuguese, North and French routes beyond Galicia.

In the pilgrimage he finds the austerity that surpasses bourgeois life, that is, carrying 7 kilos on his back and knowing that he can cope with them. He also finds the contact with nature that urban life lacks. He is an urbanite, but he has a sense of nature. On the Camino he likes to listen to birds, the sound of running waters, the barking of dogs in the distance, the noise of the leaves moved by the wind … He has met people from many countries, he has made friends with some of them from France, Sweden, Switzerland, Brazil and Great Britain.

Several hours a day he likes to walk alone but at the end of the stage and for breakfast he meets with others, so he can alternate silence and communication. Walking in silence has made him / helped to pray.

His experience of the Camino led him to become involved in the founding of the Galician Association of Friends of the Camino de Santiago, to write about the Camino in various publications – he is still editor of the Peregrino magazine of the Spanish Federation of Friends of the Way Associations, Santiago. He also collaborates with other associations of Spanish and foreign pilgrims.

He has promoted and promotes the Way in schools and associations, providing facts and removing fears.

Now he walks more slowly, but the Camino calls him just the same and he would like to do the Winter Road. More than changing it, the Camino has enriched his life.